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Greetings and welcome !

My Canadian Amateur Radio callsign is VE2XIP. After years of having my website off the internet, I have decided to bring back the “VE2XIP Edition – AmateurRadio Views and Reviews” website which appeared to be popular back then. I did this simply because I wanted to operate my own WordPress Page at a zero cost, and recently found that opportunity. The actual cost of this project is $2/month for a mailbox. That’s it. The rest, server, domain, dns, hosting and internet link are graciously provided by friends at cyberinsight.ca.

My trusty Kenwood HF – TS-590S

After tinkering with the wordpress template & options to bring me up to speed, I’ve uploaded some of the old posts and pages written almost 10 years ago. I will need to find the time to re-read them, fix any dead links and possibly refresh them a bit.

I love to tell a story and share my experience, so stand-by for more articles! The hobby is NOT dead yet, we are using radio frequencies more than ever today and more people are going back to good old digital communication mediums.

Vinyl records have made a come back recently, so why not HamRadio? Since the pandemic of 2020, people are moving out of the crowded cities in favour of the country side. This new reality is a perfect opportunity to get a license and string up a few antennas. If you have kids, they’ll love it and be fascinated by what it can do.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as I had fun writing them. Amateur Radio is a fun hobby. Who would think that a century old way of communication could still be so accessible these days.

Since the upcoming solar cycle is promising, I might reinstall an old HF antenna and take the HF transceiver out of its box. I will certainly update this site more often now that I have access to a Web Server.

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I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit. Mobile users should use Desktop mode to see the entire website.

Cheers & 73’s.